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    Telops’ advanced infrared sensors enable you to do your job more efficiently. Use them on your next measurement campaign and you will truly will be amazed. They are designed and built to take innovation to the field and bring benefits into sharp focus. Telops high-performance hyperspectral imaging sensors, and scientific infrared cameras can be used in a multitude of different applications including:

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    Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors

    The Hyper-Cam is an advanced, standoff, hyperspectral imaging camera,  which uses Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology to detect and identify substances and targets that cannot be observed in the visible spectrum.

    This advanced, light and compact radiometric imaging solution allows the user to measure different spectra and compare these with the signatures of known gases and solids.  The Hyper-Cam produces three-dimensional characteristics of target radiance which include spectral, spatial and temporal characteristics.  These three measures allow to accurately determine the signature of the target and therefore detect and identify that target.  The components and properties of a target can be detected and identified at a distance of up to five kilometers. Telops powerful Reveal D&I software ensures the detection and identification is done in real-time.

    Multiple versions of the instrument are available, allowing the spectral range coverage from 1.5 to 11.8µm (typical).

    Available models:Hyper-Cam

    • Hyper-Cam LW (7.7 to 11.8µm typical)
    • Hyper-Cam LW-NB (7.7 to 9.3µm)
    • Hyper-Cam MW (3 to 5µm)
    • Hyper-Cam MWE (1.5 to 5µm)
    • Hyper-Cam MW Fast (3 to 5µm)
    • Hyper-Cam MWE Fast (1.5 to 5µm)

    High-Performance Scientific Infrared Cameras

    Telops infrared cameras allow for distant, non-contact temperature measurement.  These high performance scientific infrared cameras can be used as remote thermometers useful for temperature measurement where thermocouples or other probe sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data. A typical example is the temperature measurement of moving objects, or in applications where a rapid response is required.

    All models come in a rugged, sealed enclosure and their modular design makes them highly customizable.

    Infrared Camera Series

    • TS-IR: Thermal Scientific Cameras
    • FAST-IR : Fast Frame Rate Infrared Cameras
    • HD-IR 1280: High Definition Infrared Cameras
    • MS-IR: Multispectral Infrared Cameras
    • HDR-IR: High Dynamic Range Infrared Cameras
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    • Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

      Telops advanced hyperspectral imaging infrared sensors allow to detect and identify substances and targets which cannot be observed in the visible range.  Coupled with the powerful Reveal D&I software, gases can be detected and identified in real-time.

      The Hyper-Cam produces three-dimentional characteristics of target radiance which include spectral, spatial and temporal characteristics.  This trio of readings makes it easier to acquire critical information about your targets and answer key questions such as: Is there a gas present and if so, where is it?  Is there a hidden vehicle nearby? How is the signature evolving?  The result is a much clearer picture of the situation.

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    • Infrared Cameras

      The Telops Infrared Camera Series allows non-contact remote sensing temperature measurement.  As such, the high-performance, scientific infrared cameras can act as useful thermometers for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data.  A typical example is to measure the temperature of moving objects or in applications where a fast response is required. 

      Five different high-performance scientific infrared cameras are available:

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    Application Notes

    Telops regularly assists its customers during field trials using Telops  cameras and in parallel, has conducted its own event analysis in numerous situations.  The reports resulting from these field trials are published as Application Notes.  To read the Telops application notes click here.

    Application Notes


    To visualize thermal events and hyperspectral gas detection using the Telops Hyper-Cam and high-performance infrared cameras or to simply see the products operating modes, click here.
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    Researchers and engineers at Telops are continuously working to improve their knowledge in the optics field.  The results of their work and research finds are regularly published in specialized magazines.  To read the publications of our scientific research team, click here


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