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Long-Range Cameras

Long-Range Cameras

The FAST TrackIR cameras from Telops are designed for off-lab and long-distance measurements. Crafted to be mounted on a target tracking turret, these cameras differ from the FAST series in that they feature a powerful motorized optical zoom with autofocus.

The FAST TrackIR can be radiometrically calibrated and can be used for signature and trajectography applications.

Key Benefits

Powerful Zoom
Continuous zoom ranging from 0.83° to 18.2° horizontal FOV.
High quality imaging
The image quality remains excellent - regardless of the the zoom factor. (Image: Ship at 6 km from the shore.)
Water and dust proof
Certified IP67 sealed enclosure, ideal for field measurements.
4-position filter wheel
The FAST series feature a convenient 4-position filter wheel for ease of use in changing measurement scenarios.
Spectral range (µm) Detector Type Maximum Full Frame Rate (Hz) Maximum Frame Rate in Subwindow (Hz) Spatial Resolution (px) Pixel Size (µm) Number of Filters
FAST M350z 3.0 - 5.0 InSb 355 4980 640 x 512 15 4
FAST M351z 3.0 - 5.0 InSb 355 4980 640 x 512 15 4
FAST-TrackIR Series