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校准温度高达 2500℃


Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini 是革命性的高光谱成像系统,专为小型飞机和其他紧凑型车辆而设计。这款轻型成像传感器是一款多功能高光谱红外测量工具,也是用于实时气体检测、识别和定量的独特仪器。

October 20-21, 2022
Come see us at the CH4 Connections Conference!

We'll be there to present our new methane detection service, which allows you to fly faster and increase your coverage.

Marketing director Frédérick Marcotte and president Jean Giroux will be there to answer any question you may have about how our system can help you visualize, identify and quantify gas leaks under various environmental conditions and industrial contexts. Learn how you can integrate one simple solution in your UAVs, helicopters or fixed-wing aircrafts and become an official partner.

Where: Fort Collins, Colorado

When: October 20-21

Conference website: https://www.gti.energy/training-events/ch4-connections
Telops used the TESTD Active thermography system with a long wave and Mid wave IR camera for a non-destructive approach for characterization of multi-layered panel paintings and analysis of their defects caused by aging and environmental effects. Two oil compositions painted on canvas, provided by the Louvre Museum were inspected. Active Thermography was demonstrated as being appropriate for characterization of various defects on painting layers and detection of underdrawings, pentimenti and analysis of preparatory layers and canvas, thus providing valuable insights to heritage science and restoration community. This is a promising analytical method for paintings inspection and efficient methodology to obtain valuable information on historical paintings, their preparation and painting procedure, preservation conditions, and defect analysis. The obtained data can be stored as Artwork unique finger print, which can help the curator to follow, identify and document the artworks.

Join Dr. Stéphane Boubanga Tombet from Telops, our expert for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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