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The New Hyper-Cam Mini xLW

With its small Size, Weight and Power (low SWaP), the new Hyper-Cam Mini xLW can be utilized in harsh conditions and hard-to-reach locations to facilitate high-quality infrared spectral imaging measurements.

Upcoming webinar
Thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging is a powerful technology that allows for the detection, identification, and quantification of methane emissions from a wide variety of emissions sources. The Telops Hyper-Cam is a high capability thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging system that is suitable for the detection and quantification of both localized fugitive point-source emissions and diffuse methane emissions from a dispersed source. This webinar introduces Telops
hyperspectral imaging technology and demonstrates its application to monitoring methane emissions.

Join Dr. Mark L. Norman, Field Applications Scientist, from Telops, for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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Upcoming event
Telops will be at the 13th United States National Combustion Meeting, in Texas, USA!

We will present a poster describing how multispectral infrared imaging can be used to implement 2-color pyrometry calculations to determine the absolute temperature and emissivity of burning aerospace materials.
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Photonics West is the world’s premiere optics & photonics event. Join us in San Francisco.
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Past webinar
Methane emissions across the oil and gas value chain represent a significant contribution to climate change.

With countless production sites and thousands of kilometers of natural gas transmission and gathering pipelines throughout the world, there is a need to quickly and efficiently survey these installations to detect and identify potential leaks. In this webinar, we’ll present the Telops’ Methane Airborne Detection Solution and how it facilitates maintenance plans by providing clear and actionable reports about the locations of methane emissions. More specifically, we’ll describe:

The system,
The typical workflow,
Typical results and deliverables

Join Jean-Philippe Gagnon, Field Applications Engineer, from Telops, for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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