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Exporter of the Year

Telops was recognized as the flagship of Quebec’s exporting companies and a role model for its peers. It was awarded the Exporter of the Year prize.

Recent Awards

Export leader in urban regions

Telops was awarded the Export Leader in urban regions prize for distinguishing itself on international markets.

Past webinar
Telops’ high-speed broadband and multispectral infrared cameras are well suited for imaging explosive and dynamic thermal runaway phenomena exhibited by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries subject to catastrophic abuse related failure. Field Application Engineers Mark Norman, Antoine Dumont, and Joe Carrock are proud to present newly acquired battery research measurements, captured in coordination with Mass Fire Safety, The New Bedford Massachusetts Fire Department, The Hazmat Guys Podcast, and researchers at Polytechnique Montreal.

Join Joseph Carrock, Field Applications Engineer at Telops, for this next webinar.
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Past event
The Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT) conference is a biannual international conference in which Infrared Thermography (IRT) specialists from industries and academia discuss and present their current interests and novel developments.
Past webinar
Thermal infrared imaging is a powerful tool for investigation flame dynamics in fire research applications. Depending on the type of information being sought in a combustion experiment, spatial resolution, spectral resolution, or thermal dynamic range can be crucial to elucidating certain properties of the burning material or the flame itself. Telops offers a range of infrared cameras to address these various needs. A multispectral camera equipped with a fast-spinning filter wheel can be used to detect gaseous combustion products using bandpass filters tuned to the spectral emission features of the target species. A super high-definition camera with a spatial resolution of 1920 X 1536 pixels can provide extremely fine detail in the image of the flame. For both types of cameras, the Telops unique global radiometric calibration allows automatic exposure control (AEC) to be used during data collection to minimize pixel saturation, even during very dynamic thermal events. Recent experiments will be presented to illustrate these capabilities and more. Anyone working in the field of fire or combustion research will benefit from learning about these advancements in infrared thermal imaging.

Join Dr. Mark L. Norman, Field Applications Scientist, from Telops, for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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Past event
In this webinar, Telops Field Application Scientist Antoine Dumont will introduce how multispectral infrared imaging can be applied to fire science research. While not having the high spectral resolution of a hyperspectral system, a multispectral measurement allows for an easier identification of gas species for fast phenomenon through a high frame rate acquisition.

Multispectral thermal infrared imaging is therefore a versatile tool for the characterization and analysis of fire-related phenomena. We will demonstrate the strong potential of multispectral imaging data in making quantitative estimates of important quantities such as flame thermodynamic
temperature and concentration estimates of combustion gas species. Case studies of measurements taken in collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute will show the ability of Telops’ multispectral cameras to do such a thing within varying scenarios.

Join Antoine Dumont, Field Applications Engineer, from Telops, for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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