IR Signature

Accurate in-band thermal radiance measurements for target detection, identification and recognition.

Efficient characterization of military target infrared (IR) signature plays an important role in any countermeasure defense program for the design of unmanned monitoring systems capable of ranging and tracking different targets as well as performing automatic detection and recognition of potential threats. In order to do so, large IR signature databases are built upon testing of multiple targets such as camouflage materials under various backgrounds conditions, at multiple wavelengths, and using different sensor technologies.

Image at right: Longwave IR imaging of a pulsed detonation rocket engine. Image at left: Photo of the set-up.

Set-up for analysis of an aircraft infrared signature suppressor. A visible image of the suppression system is shown on the left. The infrared signature suppression of the helicopter’s exhaust system is shown on the right. Image courtesy of W.R. Davis Engineering Ltd.