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High-Dynamic-Range Cameras

High-Dynamic-Range Cameras

The HDR family of cameras are optimized for high dynamic range performance when presented with scenes containing strong thermal contrast.


The HDR M700 signifies a revolutionary upgrade to in-scene dynamic range capabilities available to thermal imaging systems. This all-new camera features a 24-bit architecture and an advanced on-chip saturation management solution to enable measurements of extremely wide temperature ranges in a single snapshot image. Traditional MW thermal cameras can typically measure a range of about 100-150 degrees in a single image using a single exposure time. The advanced design of the HDR M700 allows for a measurement range of approximately 900 degrees in a single exposure time snapshot, allowing for efficient imaging of hot and cold object simultaneously.


The HDR-M350 and HDR-M3k employ a unique automated fast-switching netural density filter mechanism designed to continually optimize the dynamic range performance over time and changing scene contrast conditions.

Key Benefits

Enhanced In-Scene Dynamic Range
Measure a span of up to 900 degrees in a single snapshot image without the risk of saturation or underexposure.
High Frame Rate
Measure dynamic events at high temporal resolution with framerates up to 650 Hz in the full detector window configuration
Image Hot and Cold Target Simultaneously
Efficient imaging of scenes display a wide range of temperatures
Quick Automatic Attenuation Filter Transition
The HDR cameras automatically select the best attenuation filter for the scene in less than 50 ms.
For rapidly evolving temperature changes over a wide range
The HDR camera can measure highly dynamic and contrasted scenes ranging up to 2 500 °C.
Automatic exposure control
The camera self-adjusts exposure time depending on the scene, for best imaging.
Spectral range (µm) Detector Type Maximum Full Frame Rate (Hz) Maximum Frame Rate in Subwindow (Hz) Spatial Resolution (px) Pixel Size (µm) Number of Filters
HDR M350 3.0 - 5.4 InSb 355 4980 640 x 512 15 3
HDR M3K 3 - 5.4 InSb 3100 100000 320 x 256 30 3
HDR M700 3.0 - 5.0 SLS 650 40 000 640 x 512 - 4
Midwave Series
25-mm lens
For wide-field-of-view applications.
50-mm lens
For medium-field-of-view applications.
100-mm lens
For narrow-field-of-view applications.
200-mm lens
For long-distance applications.
G1x lens
Telops-designed 1X Microscope
G4x lens
4X Microscope