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Hyperspectral Cameras

The Hyper-Cam is an advanced passive infrared hyperspectral imaging system combining high spatial and spectral resolution capabilities. The Hyper-Cam provides real-time radiometrically calibrated data, ideal for gas detection and identification, mineral studies, infrared signature measurements, and other spectral imaging measurement applications. The Hyper-Cam line includes sensors designed for both ground-based and airborne measurement configurations.

The Hyper-Cam Mini series is optimized for ground-based measurements, featuring a low-SWaP design ideal for deployment into the most remote measurement locations. Available in midwave and longwave infrared configurations, the Hyper-Cam Mini series is well-suited to a wide variety of gas detection and other measurement challenges. The Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini is a revolutionary hyperspectral imaging system designed to fit small aircraft and other compact vehicles. This lightweight imaging sensor is a versatile tool for hyperspectral IR surveys, and a unique instrument for real-time gas detection and identification.

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Multispectral Cameras

Telops multispectral infrared cameras are equipped with a fast-rotating, 8-position filter wheel that enables splitting of the scene signal into discrete spectral bands that can be used to analyze the spectral signature of the target or scene. The filter wheel mechanism is designed to maximize camera frame rate and allows for image acquisition at up to 800 Hz in synchronized mode (100 Hz per channel simultaneously) or up to the full frame rate capabilities of the camera in fixed-position mode.

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High-Dynamic-Range Cameras

The HDR family of cameras are optimized for high dynamic range performance when presented with scenes containing strong thermal contrast.


The HDR M700 signifies a revolutionary upgrade to in-scene dynamic range capabilities available to thermal imaging systems. This all-new camera features a 24-bit architecture and an advanced on-chip saturation management solution to enable measurements of extremely wide temperature ranges in a single snapshot image. Traditional MW thermal cameras can typically measure a range of about 100-150 degrees in a single image using a single exposure time. The advanced design of the HDR M700 allows for a measurement range of approximately 900 degrees in a single exposure time snapshot, allowing for efficient imaging of hot and cold object simultaneously.


The HDR-M350 and HDR-M3k employ a unique automated fast-switching netural density filter mechanism designed to continually optimize the dynamic range performance over time and changing scene contrast conditions.

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High-Performance FAST Cameras

The Telops FAST series features scientific infrared imaging systems that are expertly engineered and optimized to deliver the highest image acquisition speed capabilities on the commercial market. Available in a wide variety of image formats and spectral band configurations, these high-performance systems can be flexibly configured to address a broad range of measurement challenges.

With the combination of high sensitivity performance, impressive temporal resolution, and Telops proprietary Real-Time Temperature Calibration (RTTC) and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) capabilities, the FAST series is well suited for the analysis of dynamic events commonly found in ballistic impact monitoring, combustion studies, or experimental mechanics measurements.

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Entry-Level SPARK Cameras

The Telops SPARK family of cooled MWIR cameras is designed to provide the IR imaging capabilities for which Telops is renowned at an affordable price. Available in both VGA and HD detector formats, SPARK cameras can be configured to meet your specific measurement requirements. When combined with the powerful yet intuitive Reveal IR acquisition software, the user is able to control all aspects of the data collection process.

All SPARK cameras feature Telops’ unique permanent radiometric calibration and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) operating mode.

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Camera Modules

Light, robust, and easy to operate, the camera modules from Telops are specifically designed to be integrated into complex optical systems.

You’ll be getting sharp, crisp images without the hassle.

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Software and Accessories
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