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Entry-Level SPARK Cameras

Entry-Level SPARK Cameras

The Telops SPARK family of cooled MWIR cameras is designed to provide the IR imaging capabilities for which Telops is renowned at an affordable price. Available in both VGA and HD detector formats, SPARK cameras can be configured to meet your specific measurement requirements. When combined with the powerful yet intuitive Reveal IR acquisition software, the user is able to control all aspects of the data collection process.

All SPARK cameras feature Telops’ unique permanent radiometric calibration and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) operating mode.

Key Benefits

High frame rate
Telops’ SPARK cameras go as fast as 14 000 fps, depending on the model and selected subwindow size.
The best features for less
Benefit from the unique Telops advantages (AEC, permanent calibration, IP67 case) while respecting your research budget.
Same image quality
The Telops SPARK cameras feature the same image quality as the FAST cameras in VGA formats (640 x 512 px).

Examples of applications

Volcano eruption
Here you can see the Stromboli volcano (in Italy) in eruption. A team of scientists from Telops and from the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans of the Université Blaise-Pascal, in France, climbed the active Stromboli in 2017 to take measurements and conduct research on different indicators of imminent eruptions.
Fireworks over Quebec City
This short video shows well the image quality, acquisition speed and high-dynamic-range of our cameras: we can see both the hot fireworks and the cool background in great detail. The Telops proprietary automatic exposure control allows this level of quality even when the scene greatly and rapidly varies in temperature.
Tokamak cooling system
Pretty infrared image of a Tokamak water cooling system. A Tokamak is a type of magnetic confinement device used in the study of plasma physics.
Spectral range (µm) Detector Type Maximum Full Frame Rate (Hz) Maximum Frame Rate in Subwindow (Hz) Spatial Resolution (px) Pixel Size (µm) Number of Filters
SPARK M150 1.5 - 5.4 InSb 220 4000 640 x 512 15 No Filter
SPARK M200 1.5 - 5.1 MTC 210 5600 640 x 512 15 No Filter
SPARK Series
25-mm lens
For wide-field-of-view applications.
50-mm lens
For medium-field-of-view applications.
100-mm lens
For narrow-field-of-view applications.
200-mm lens
For long-distance applications.
G1x lens
Telops-designed 1X Microscope
G4x lens
4X Microscope