Detection and Identification of Gas Through Multispectral Infrared Imaging

In this webinar, Telops Field Application Scientist Antoine Dumont will introduce how multispectral infrared imaging can be applied to fire science research. While not having the high spectral resolution of a hyperspectral system, a multispectral measurement allows for an easier identification of gas species for fast phenomenon through a high frame rate acquisition.

Multispectral thermal infrared imaging is therefore a versatile tool for the characterization and analysis of fire-related phenomena. We will demonstrate the strong potential of multispectral imaging data in making quantitative estimates of important quantities such as flame thermodynamic
temperature and concentration estimates of combustion gas species. Case studies of measurements taken in collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute will show the ability of Telops’ multispectral cameras to do such a thing within varying scenarios.

Join Antoine Dumont, Field Applications Engineer, from Telops, for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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