Quantification of sulfur dioxide emissions of Mount Etna plume from IMAGETNA campaign

During this presentation, we will present the Imagetna campaign carried out at Mount Etna in 2015 involving researchers from French (LPC2E, ONERA, LATMOS) and Italian laboratories (INGV). The radiative transfer and data retrieval model LARA (LATMOS Atmospheric Retrieval Algorithm) will also be introduced. Results and maps gathered from the Telops Hyper-Cam will be presented and compared to SO2 UV-Vis camera measurements. The comparison highlights an underestimation of the SO2 UV-Vis measurements by a factor of ~3 to 4 compared to SO2 values obtained by IR.

Join Dr. Charlotte Segonne from Université Clermont Auvergne and Dr. Stéphane Boubanga Tombet from Telops, our experts for a high-level discussion in this next webinar.
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