Rediscovering the First Principles of Light Water Reactors Thermal-Hydraulics with IR Thermography

History teaches us that major breakthroughs in science and technology are always tied to the capability to observe nature. Advancing measurement techniques is critical in any research field. In this talk, I will discuss the development of high-resolution infrared thermometry, and the use of this technique to shed light on physical phenomena, focusing on flow boiling heat transfer. Flow boiling plays a central role in light water reactors (LWRs) thermal-hydraulics due to its exceptional heat transfer efficiency. The outcome of flow boiling results from many intertwined parameters. I will show how to perform direct measurement of key flow boiling parameters on different types of surface in steady state heating conditions. I will leverage these measurements to develop better understanding for flow boiling heat transfer. The outcome of my research should bring about the valuable power uprates of current LWRs and the better design for advanced reactors.

Contact: St├ęphane Bounbanga
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