The Essential Guide to IR Imaging: Short/Mid/Long-Wave… How to choose?

Telops continues its series of webinars on the best practices when using a scientific infrared camera with great examples from various applications. On this part of the series, Field Application Scientist Antoine Dumont will go over everything you need to know when choosing the right spectral range for a given infrared measurement. We will cover the sensitivity and temperature ranges for short-wave, mid-wave, and long-wave infrared scientific cameras and what are the advantages of each spectral band. The best suited cameras for given applications will be discussed. A comparison of data sets of similar scenes acquired with short-wave, mid-wave and long-wave cameras will be accomplished to demonstrate the importance of choosing the right spectral range. Eye-catching examples from a variety of applications using slow and high speed will be showcased during this webinar.

Join Dr. Antoine Dumont, Field Application Scientist at Telops, for this virtual event.
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